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      What is the Right way to drink Whiskey? क्या है व्हिस्की पीने का सही तरीका? - Dr. Bipin Vibute - Dr. Bipin Vibhute
      • Upper Basement Sahyadri Multispeciality
        Hospital, Karve Road,Deccan Gymkhana, Pune-04
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      What is the Right way to drink Whiskey? क्या है व्हिस्की पीने का सही तरीका? – Dr. Bipin Vibute

      by | Nov 18, 2022 | Alcoholic Hepatitis Videos, Videos

      An alcoholic beverage that is distilled from grains and aged in wooden barrels!
      Cheers !!! Salud !!! Sante !!!

      Of course, these phrases must have given you the idea of what we are going to talk about in this video, so friends I, Dr. Bipin Vibhute welcome you to yet another health-related but yet super Interesting topic and that is “ How To Drink Whisky the Right Way “

      We Indians Love Whisky, No I am not expressing that out of involvement. But, statistics of Liquor sales on several platforms show that India and in short INDIANS drinks more whisky than some other country on the planet, almost out of every two jugs of whisky that is delivered, One is sold in INDIA think this very finish us up, that We Indians do Love Drinking Whisky, more than some other liquor, thus it is essential to know the correct method for drinking your favorite Hard-Drink!!

      So whiskey has an alcohol content of roughly 42.8 %, which is high, and hence if we drink it purely as it is served or what we call in Drinkers Language a “NEAT”, we feel the strong taste or harshness of the drink. Now, whenever we see people around us drinking whiskey, we 95 % of the time find them mixing their drink with some MIXERS – it can be a plain soda, soft drink, water, ice cubes, sometimes some juices, etc.

      Now, why do we do that?

      There’s a simple and technical reason for this, WE INDIANS HAVE A SWEET TASTE PALATE – this means, we do love drinking anything that is on a sweeter side of taste!! So let us understand what each mixer – in your whiskey, does to your health?

      Let us start with

      SODA – Research says the person mixing whisky with soda gets more intoxicated or gets that “HIGH” faster than the one who drinks it with water.

      1. Soda typically contains carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup (sugar), caramel color, caffeine, phosphoric acid, citric acid, natural flavors, and carbon dioxide.
      2. Too much soda can cause chronic health issues, from obesity to diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart diseases.
      3. Whiskey with can leads to high blood pressure too.


      – All types of soda, carbonated drinks, and soft drinks contain Phosphorus, which causes calcium in your bloodstream to be excreted more quickly in the urine, thus softening bones as a side effect. Drinking soft drinks in excess with your whisky leads to the deposit of fats in your liver and increases your risk of fatty liver disease.

      1. Too much sugar will also result in gaining weight
      2. Risk of diabetes

      WATER / ICE CUBE :

      1. It is better than any other mixer option available with the drinks, As Water did not add any extra components.
      2. It is even better to drink warm water.
      3. Add 200-250 ml of water to your whiskey, it dilutes the whiskey, reducing the strong taste and intoxication!
      4. It also reduces the chances of a hangover.

      JUICE –

      Juice too has extra sugar which can result in diabetes or stomach ulcer.

      NEAT or ICE CUBE –

      Large Indian Population Drinks Whiskey Neat- Without any Mixture!

      1. When drinking such a strong spirit neat, it is much easier to drink a large quantity of alcohol within a short period, which leads to Alcohol Poisoning, which means the body cannot process the large amount of alcohol that a person is consuming, causing their blood alcohol levels to reach a dangerous level.
      2. It can burn your Taste Bug or even harm your throat.
      3. It can cause confusion, vomiting, slow or irregular breathing, loss of consciousness, seizures, and hypothermia.
      4. It also leads to liver cirrhosis, by building up toxins in the blood because the liver won’t be able to process the toxins.

      In the end, we can say that the best way to drink whiskey is to have it with warm water.

      Snack / Food to have with your drinks:

      1. Eggs
      2. Chicken
      3. Salads.
      4. Peanuts

      Not to eat:

      1. Fried food
      2. Fries
      3. Not eating at all!

      If you have any queries related to liver or alcohol, Please mention them in the comment box.

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      Dr.Bipin Vibhute:

      Video By

      Dr. Bipin Vibhute

      Liver and Multi-Organ Transplant Surgeon,

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