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      Liver Cancer - Avoid this lifestyle that increases cancer risk - Dr. Bipin Vibhute
      • Upper Basement Sahyadri Multispeciality
        Hospital, Karve Road,Deccan Gymkhana, Pune-04
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      Liver Cancer – Avoid this lifestyle that increases cancer risk

      by | Jul 24, 2020 | Liver Cancer Blog

      The liver is a powerhouse of our body that performs a variety of functions. It helps in digestion, converting fats into energy, removing harmful toxins, etc. The actual causes for liver cancer are still unknown but bad lifestyles pose a major risk.

      Viral Hepatitis

      If you have been long term patient of viral-like HBV and HCV, you are high risk for liver cancer. HBV has used for the Hepatitis B virus while HCV for the Hepatitis C virus. These viruses lead to the development of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. Liver Cirrhosis is the existing condition for liver cancer. If you are an alcohol consumer, then risks for liver cancer are higher.

      HBV and HBC are highly infectious and can be easily spread. Instances like childbirth, drug usage (Needles contamination), and unprotected sexual intercourse are high risks for spreading chronic hepatitis. Thus, exposure to contaminated blood and body fluids can easily spread this type of viruses.

      Research conveys that on-time medications help to recover HBC and HBC infections. Many adults who are chronic carriers these infections are high risks of liver cancer. However, infected infants and children are major carriers of chronic hepatitis. However, regular vaccinations will help in curing viral hepatitis, reducing the risks of liver cancer.

      Age: if you are 60 above, then the risk of liver cancer is high in you. However, this depends on your liver’s health and eating habits.

      Gender: Men are major carriers of Hepatocellular Carcinoma than women. Thus, the identified ratio is 2:1.



      Liver Cirrhosis

      Liver Cirrhosis is a condition in which liver tissues are replaced by liver scars. If you have a pre-existing condition of cirrhosis, the risk of liver cancer is high for you. Liver Cirrhosis is a later stage for chronic HBV or HCV infections. Fatty livers, diabetes, and obesity are also some causes behind cirrhosis. You can reduce intakes of fatty foods, sodium content, and lose weight for reducing fatty livers.

      Studies reveal that autoimmune diseases like Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) also develop liver cancer. PBC is a condition in which bile ducts of the liver are destroyed, thus causing cirrhosis. If you are a patient of advanced PBC, you might develop liver cancer. Some individuals are detected with hereditary hemochromatosis.

      This is a condition in which too much iron from food is absorbed by the livers. Gradually, iron piles up in the liver resulting in cirrhosis. If you are detected with PBC, a diet plan from a doctor will help you.

      Prolonged smoking and Alcohol consumption also result in liver inflammation. This further leads to cirrhosis and poses high risks for liver cancer. If you have left smoking years ago, you are at lower risks of liver damage. You can seek medications and other therapies for reducing addictions of alcohol and smoking.

      Obesity leads to the development of fatty livers that leads to liver cirrhosis. You can reduce your weight by adapting to the Mediterranean diet, low sugar foods, and indulging in physical activities. If you are a regular consumer of alcohol and have pre-existing viral infections, then you are exposed to Type 2 Diabetes. It in turn directly increases liver cancer risks.



      These are fungal bacteria that are formed due to contaminated food grains. Storage of rice, nuts, and soybean in the warm- moist environment increases fungal growth. Too much exposure for a long time poses major risks of liver cancer. If you have viral hepatitis and are exposed to Aflatoxins, you are prone to increased risks of permanent liver damage.


      Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

      If you are in close contact with some harmful chemicals, then you are exposed to high risks of liver damage. Body exposure to chemicals like vinyl chloride and thorotrast increases the risk of angiosarcoma. It further leads to the development of cholangiocarcinoma and hepatocellular cancers. Vinyl chloride is commonly used in plastic production while thorotarst was used as a drug before conducting x- rays.


      Anabolic Steroids

      If you an athlete, you should eliminate the consumption of anabolic steroids. It is because these steroids increase the risk of hepatocellular cancer. Other steroids like hydrocortisone, prednisone, and others are not prone to cause cancer.


      Lowering Risks of liver Cancer

      1. Vaccinations: You can get the vaccination for hepatitis B for preventing the risks of liver cancer. Viral Hepatitis can also be cured through vaccination and medication.

      2. Aspirins: Some research reveals that regular use of aspirins reduces liver cancer risks. However, a study is needed for confirmed results.

      Liver Cancer is developed from underlying diseases like liver cirrhosis. Thus, following appropriate lifestyles will reduce severe liver issues and prevent permanent liver damage.

      Written By

      Dr. Bipin Vibhute

      Liver and Multi-Organ Transplant Surgeon,

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